A recent storm knocked a tree into the power line that runs to my house. How do I get the power turned off to prune and then back on again? We don't want an extended outage.

​It sounds like you’re referring to the service line. The service line runs from Oncor’s pole across your property to your home. While only Oncor is allowed to prune from distribution and transmission power lines, keeping tree limbs away from the service drop line is the responsibility of the homeowner. You should call a qualified tree trimmer or arborist to prune and remove the tree limbs from your service line. For safety reasons, especially if you will be doing the pruning yourself, you may want to call your Retail Electric Provider (using the phone number listed on your bill for a service order request) and arrange to have the service drop disconnected while the pruning is underway.-Ken K., Oncor Vegetation Management Expert

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