What options do I have when it comes to having my trees pruned?

You should never get near an electric line or use any kind of equipment close to a line or attempt to prune branches near high-voltage lines.If tree branches have grown into lines in an alley, street or backyard utility easement (this includes all major lines except the service lines that go over your property from the pole to the electric meter), you should call the number on your electric bill, to report the situation.If the branches have grown near the service line running across your property from the pole to the meter, you should call a qualified tree trimmer or arborist to prune the tree limbs. For safety reasons, if you will be doing the pruning yourself, Oncor recommends contacting your Retail Electric Provider to request a temporary disconnect and reconnect. This allows Oncor to temporarily lower the service line to your home or business, thereby allowing you to safely trim the trees. After you complete the work, Oncor will re-install the line and reconnect the electricity. There is a nominal charge for this service.You can avoid the expense and inconvenience of calling a qualified tree trimmer by never planting trees that could grow tall near or under the service line.-Rusty E., Oncor Vegetation Management Expert

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