Why can’t I trim my own trees near power lines or hire my own arborist?

Some people are tempted to prune their trees out of power lines. For safety reasons, Oncor asks that customers do not go within 10 feet of tree limbs in high voltage lines. Except for the low voltage service drop line running over your property from the pole to the meter, Oncor arranges for trees to be pruned around its power lines and equipment. To report a tree within 10 feet of power lines that could cause a potentially hazardous condition like sparking, customers should call the number on their electric bill to report the situation. If there is a fire or sparking occurring, call 9-1-1.A consistent source of shock injuries and electrocutions each year occur when people accidentally come into close contact with power lines while pruning trees. Tree limbs in contact with power lines can act as conductors, and a person can be seriously injured if contact is made.-Rusty E., Oncor Vegetation Management Expert

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