Why does Oncor have to prune trees so drastically near power lines?

Oncor follows generally accepted industry guidelines and best practices to have minimal impact on the health of trees pruned. Oncor’s standards are based on several factors: the minimum safe working distance for a utility worker, how much trees and conductors sway in high winds and the ability of limbs to break and fall on lines. Oncor can never prune enough to prevent all tree-related outages; however a well-managed tree pruning program can drastically reduce tree outages and provide a safer environment for utility workers and the public. If the property owner does not perform maintenance on their trees and those trees causes interference with service quality, then Oncor becomes involved in the process of maintaining the tree.  Oncor does not recommend that unqualified persons prune trees in proximity to the power lines and that such work be left to line clearance qualified workers.

-Ken K., Oncor Vegetation Management Expert

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