Trees and Shrubs for Overhead Utility Easements

Bonnie Appleton, Extension Specialist, Virginia Tech; Susan French, Research Specialist, Virginia Tech; Brenda Johnson-Asnicar, Graduate Student, Hampton Roads AREC, Virginia Tech; Diane Relf, Horticulture, Virginia Tech; Susan Day, Forestry, Virginia Tech; Richard Nunnally, Chesterfield VCE; and

Know Before You Grow Brochure

Oncor's Know Before You Grow Brochure can be found here.

22 Benefits of Urban Street Trees

This article by Dan Burden, Senior Urban Designer - Glatting Jackson and Walkable Communities, Inc., illustrates the key benefits of the urban forest. Here is an excerpt:

Control Stormwater Runoff with Trees

"In looking for solutions to stormwater runoff it is important to consider an integrated approach that uses other water conservation, water retention, flood management, and pollution control strategies. Community solutions include but are not limited to: porous pavement, vegetated swales an

Carbon Credits: Potential New Forest Income Source

People worldwide are dealing with global climate change, which has fluctuated throughout earth’s history.

New Techniques in Urban Tree Planting

Changes in the way we construct our urban environment have significantly reduced the chances of success for new plantings.

Residential Tree Planting and Care

Site surveys were conducted on residential properties in Sacramento, California, and residents were given questionnaires about whether they had added trees to their properties, their motivations for planting trees, and the extent and frequency of their maintenance of the trees ontheir properties.